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How to while away those endless hours until kickoff? The Sports Guy jumps into a celebrity poker tournament with a full house in his hand. Ain't life grand? Except he's still in Houston, and he can't get into the Playboy party, and the full house didn't win. Oh well, Bill Simmons still has the Pats, and an explanation for how they'll prevail.

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Sex and Sports . . . You just can't have one without the other. Now Page 2's Jeff Merron says Olympic swimmer Franziska van Almsick is auctioning off a day in the pool with her. And don't get Jeff started on the sexy Super Bowl. Even Illegal Motion gets into that act with the new 'Vinatieri Viagra.'

One Expensive Kick Liquid Generation
As Panthers' fan Greg Welsh watched Adam Vinatieri's field goal sail through the uprights at the end, he also watched $60,000 sail away. And no Pats' fan in a Tedy Bruschi jersey was going to weep for him.
Sure, you could watch Kid Rock. You could even watch the Lingerie Bowl. But the real entertainment on Sunday is in Page 3's Liquid Generation Halftime Show, starring Jacko, Saddam, J-Lo and more.

The Daily Quickie wonders why the NFL house band -- Steven Tyler's Aerosmith, natch -- isn't in the halftime show. (Not to worry: That mouth will be all over the pregame.) Plus, Mr. Quickie's prediction, and a retro hoops spin.

Should we expect the unexpected out of Sunday's Super Bowl? Should we look for the unheralded player to make the game's most critical plays? Hey, it happens. Not always, but it happens. In fact, it's happened often enough through the first 37 Super Bowls that we can rank the greatest Super Bowl subs in history

10]  Jack Squirek, Raiders, Super Bowl XVIII
Squirek's interception of a Joe Theismann pass from the end zone flat demoralized the Redskins. Why? With 12 seconds to go in the half, he returned it five yards for a TD and a 21-3 Raiders' lead.
9]  Dan Bunz, 49ers, Super Bowl XVI
The Bengals looked certain to score and pull to within a touchdown of San Francisco. But on third-and-goal from the 1, Bunz made a terrific tackle on Charles Alexander just inches short, and then assisted on a fourth-down stop of fullback Pete Johnson.
8]  J.R. Redmond, Patriots, Super Bowl XXXVI
He carried the ball only 35 times for 119 yards, and caught only 13 passes during the entire 2001 season. But as the Pats put together their game-winning drive against the Rams, Redmond caught three passes to help set up Adam Viniateri.

Feb. 1 Patriots Panthers 38

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Steve Wulf remembers John Matuszak and Rod Martin. Robert Lipsyte remembers a couple of encounters with Vince Lombardi. Melanie Jackson remembers when she almost rooted against her team -- just to impress a boy. The WB has their favorite Super Bowl memories.

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