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Tom Brady is no Joe Montana. Heck, he may be ... better?!? Ralph Wiley praises the happiest quarterback in the land, the great Bill Belly and the best halftime show he's ever seen. R-Dub also enters the minds of many in his NFL Thought Balloons and a special edition of Academy Award Nominee Thought Balloons.

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Bill Simmons got his Super Bowl wish -- his Patriots won another championship. But now he says he wants another title. Patrick Hruby thought he got his wish -- watching the Lingerie Bowl for free. Instead, he watched a bust of a "game."

Daily Quickie Page 3
The Daily Quickie has no trouble reading between the lines of Dan Marino's resignation statement, but he isn't so sure about Wayne Huizenga's take on it. Plus, the Bob Knight spin.
Page 3 introduces a new feature: Face to Face, in which stars go one-on-one with others stars. Check out the meeting between Sonics guard Ray Allen and actor Chico Benymon.

The streaker is back! Mark Roberts made a Super Bowl appearance on Sunday, but Page 2 wasn't surprised ... we profiled the wacky Brit last March.

We all want a little bang for our buck, right? That includes owners of NBA teams, who pay out mega-salaries to so-called stars and all-too-often get precious little in return. These guys run up and down the court, sure. But that ain't enough for us. We're naming names: the NBA players who don't really earn their paychecks.

10]  Wesley Person, Trail Blazers ($7.7 million)
Good guy, veteran presence, no trouble -- a valuable commodity for this franchise. But at that price, the Blazers ought to be getting more than six points a game. And Person ought to be more than Portland's 10th man.
9]  Eddie Robinson, Bulls ($6.24 million)
This year's salary isn't the worst of it. The worst of it is that the Bulls owe him another $14 million over the next two seasons. And for what? He comes off the bench for one of the league's worst teams and contributes next to nothing.
8]  Austin Croshere, Pacers ($7.61 million)
Indiana rewarded Croshere with a big contract after he had a couple of good seasons a while back. The key words in that sentence: "a while back." In the new millenium, he's been little more than a highly-paid cheerleader..

Feb. 4 Lakers 3 Cavaliers 187
Feb. 4 Mavericks 5.5 Hornets 194.5
Feb. 4 Suns 2 Blazers 190.5
Feb. 4 Georgia 5 Mississippi NA
Feb. 4 NC State 2 Wake Forest NA
Feb. 4 Louisville 2.5 Memphis NA

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We wanted to avoid it. We didn't want to discuss the incident. Didn't want to ... ahh, who were kidding? The Writers' Bloc had to talk about Janet Jackson's halftime show at the Super Bowl.

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    Sorry, no nipple shields are featured in this match. It's Super Bowl flasher Janet Jackson, left, and Indiana Fever guard Nikki McCray. This match was requested by Kelly in Toronto, Ontario. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

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    Underrated rivalry gets spotlight.
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