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It's been a half-century since Milan High School upset Muncie Central for the Indiana state championship. That's reason enough for Page 2 to re-visit "Hoosiers" with Bill Simmons' column about Jimmy Chitwood's sharpshooting dialogue. And Page 2's Jeff Merron presents another classic: the movie's reel life vs. the game's real life.

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On Thursday, ESPN Classic and Page 2's Ralph Wiley debut a series called "Timeless," which examines the people and events in sports history that remain forever young in our consicousness. As Ralph begins his work with the series, he discovers his own special moments in time.

The Ineligibility Chronicles Hollywood Jock
Turns out his prep records aren't the only things for which Chris Webber is no longer eligible. As Webber comes off his eight-game NBA suspension, Hampton Stevens catalogues everything the forward can't do.
Page 3's Rob Ryder played hoops at Princeton, but he knows it doesn't make him a tough guy -- not next to football players. Hollywood Jock found that out the hard way, as an extra in "The Best of Times."

The Daily Quickie thinks the Marlins should patent their treatment of World Series heroes, following up '97's dismantlement with a paycut for Josh Beckett. Plus, baseball sings the Union Blues, and the NFL has free-agent frenzy.

If it seems like the Yankees always get their man . . . well, they do. Alex Rodriguez is just the latest. How do they manage it? Among other ways, they make the biggest trades in baseball. So will the A-Rod deal make our list of the 10 best Yankee trades of all time?

10]  Allie Reynolds from the Indians
In 1946, Reynolds came to the Yankees with solid, but not spectacular, credentials. But almost as soon as the Yankees gave up Joe Gordon and Eddie Bockman to get him, he blossomed into a star.
9]  Tino Martinez, Jeff Nelson and Jim Mecir from the Mariners
In his six years as a Yankee, Martinez hit 175 home runs with 690 RBI. Nelson became a terrific set-up man for Mariano Rivera. The two players the Yankees traded away? Sterling Hitchcock and Russ Davis.
8]  Willie Randolph, Ken Brett and Dock Ellis from the Pirates
The Yanks sacrificed Doc Medich to get this trio in December 1975. Randolph played second base in Yankee Stadium for 13 years and was a five-time All-Star.

2004 World Series Phillies 12-1
2004 World Series Braves 18-1
2004 World Series Marlins 30-1
2004 World Series Mets 35-1
2004 World Series Expos 300-1

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How badly do you want your team to win? How much are you willing to overlook? The members of the Writers' Bloc wonder how far we'd let our favorite players go with steroids if a title was at stake.

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