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You blew it. You went to the toga party when you should've boned up on your bracket. You chose the all-nighter with a kegger rather than the all-nighter with a textbook on UAB's press. But Dr. Graham Hays, Page 2's Ph.D. in Bracketology, is a lenient taskmaster. Pass his last-chance quiz, and you might not flag the class.

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The Cubs won't be happy until every last rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field ponies up for the view. The one lone holdout? The team is fixin' to make those folks stare at the monolith from "2001: A Space Odyssey" instead of the game. And Page 2's Eric Neel says the team won't stop there.

Wacky Bracket The Daily Quickie
Anybody ever seen OutKast's Andre 3000 and Gonzaga's Ronnie Turiaf in the same room at the same time? Check out our NCAA Tournament All-Hair Team, and vote in Page 2's Wacky Bracket.
The Daily Quickie says Martin Brodeur's 400th NHL win is a steppingstone more than a milestone, now that Patrick Roy is squarely in his sights. Plus, NCAA chutzpah and a Don Fehr door-crack.

One reason Brian Jordan gave up football to play baseball? Next to two-a-days in August, spring training in March is a cool breeze. Page 2's Jim Caple catches Mr. Jordan "Off Base."

Sweet Sixteen. Elite Eight. Final Four. An alliance of alliteration and attrition. The biggest, toughest, most prized leap? We say it's from eight to four. The best regional final games of the past 25 years:

10]  1987: Indiana 77, LSU 76
Bob Knight's Hoosiers, the Midwest's No. 1 seed, rallied from nine points down with five minutes to play to beat the 10th-seeded LSU Tigers and their incredibly effective "freak defense."
9]  1997: Arizona 96, Providence 92 (OT)
The underdog, 10th-seeded Friars looked the part, trailing by 12 with 6 1/2 minutes to go against the Wildcats. But then God took over -- God Shammgod, who scored eight quick points as the game went into OT.
8]  1992: Michigan 75, Ohio State 71 (OT)
The Fab Five, freshman all, blew a seven-point second-half lead, but in OT, Jalen Rose scored six and Chris Webber added three to seal the Fab Five Freshman's Final Four berth.

March 25 St. Joseph's 2.5 Wake Forest 156.5
March 25 Oklahoma St. 2 Pittsburgh 127.5
March 25 Syracuse 1.5 Alabama 134.5
March 25 Connecticut 8.5 Vanderbilt 140
March 26 Duke 7 Illinois 145.5
March 26 Texas 2.5 Xavier 142
March 26 Georgia Tech 4 Nevada 149.5
March 26 Kansas 4 UAB 154.5

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    So you didn't have Nevada. So what? Stop whining about your bracket -- it's all a guessing game, anyway.

    When is a bad back a good thing for Bill Simmons? When it lets him watch an entire weekend of NCAA hoops.
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    High stakes at Trump's casino.
    Men's Hoops: NCAA Tournament
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