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No. 1 With A 'Bull'
"Bull Durham" edged out "Rocky" by two points for No. 1.
Since it was born nearly two years ago, Page 2 has been all about sports movies. But we'd never put out our definitive list of the Top 20 Sports Movies of All-Time ... until now. Count down our complete list starting at No. 20, and then find out why our editors and columnists ranked "Bull Durham" at No. 1.
  • Halloran: Overrated "Bull Durham" simply stinks

  • The Sports Guy 10 Burning Questions
    "Hoosiers" is No. 4 on Page 2's list of the best sports movies, but it's No. 1 with Bill Simmons. As our sports movies week continues, The Sports Guy watches the Indiana hoops opus yet again and answers some obscure questions, like did Jimmy Chitwood have more missed shots or lines of dialogue?
    Page 2 didn't give any love to "Rudy" on our Top 20 list -- as scores of our readers are pointing out. However, Eric Neel recently fired 10 Burning Questions at three top movie critics -- and one of them admitted he has a serious soft spot for the 5-foot-nothing kid from South Bend.

    We've honored the 10 best actors, 10 best actresses and 10 best moments. Now, it's time to look at the worst of sports movies. Here's our list for the 10 worst sports films ever.

    10]  "The Slugger's Wife" (1985)
    Michael O'Keefe can't swing. But that's all right, because Rebecca DeMornay can't really sing and dance so much either.
    9]  "The Main Event" (1979)
    Ryan O'Neal as a boxer named Kid Natural. Wrap your mind around that for a minute.
    8]   "Amazing Grace and Chuck" (1987)
    Maybe sports can change the world, but not like this. Alex English and the kid make for a two-hour bland-off.
    7]   "The Babe" (1992)
    This sort of over-the-top anti-hero stuff is just as lame.
    6]   "The Bad News Bears Go to Japan" (1978)
    Why make a sequel to "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training?"
    5]   "Rollerball" (2001)
    Just do a comparison between Chris Klein and James Caan to see the difference.

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    Page 2 columnist Dan Shanoff discusses the sports movie he's ashamed to admit he loves:

    Every sports fan with a movie fetish has a particular flick they would describe as a "guilty pleasure." Other people might not understand; they might even mock.

    These guilty pleasures are enjoyed alone in movie theaters (because no one else will go with you); or rapt on the couch in front of yet another FX rerun; or -- in the saddest cases -- denied, with the frustration eventually manifesting itself in a secret registration with an obscure film-fan website. As you read this, I stand up and declare, "My name is Dan, and I love 'Varsity Blues.' "

    Aside from its status as the sports-movie canon's most prominent teen-movie representative, the story of one thoughtful teenage backup quarterback's struggle against his town's obsession with the local high-school football team has all the elements necessary to satisfy.

    Among them: the introspective, literally straight-out-of-Dawson's-Creek hero (James VanDerBeek), with massive talent yet stuck behind the town QB god (a pre-"Fast/Furious" Paul Walker), who has a scholarship to Florida State, no less; the legendary coach (John Voight), more martinet than man; the overprotective oversized lineman-friend; the alcoholic, free-wheeling receiver-friend; rebellious audibles; terrifying tongue-lashings; huge games with huge plays (if not-so-unpredictable outcomes); and, yes ... that unforgettable whipped-cream sundae bikini scene.

    When the god goes down with injury and our hero steps in, let the montage of winning begin -- with all the accompanying hype and pressure from his townfolk. Will Mr. Sensitive lose his soul in the glare of the spotlight? Will the evil coach bully his team to another state title? Will someone help that cheerleader with her sundae bikini? I certainly wouldn't want to ruin the thrills for you, if you haven't seen it.

    As for me, I'll be kicking back, watching it for the umpteenth time, with a hand on the remote in case anyone checks in on me.

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