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Friday, July 13
ESPN Wants You!

ESPN is seeking contestants for its new, original reality game show series, Beg, Borrow and B.S., which will follow the exploits of eight people on a trek across the country while working through a series of sports-related challenges. Production will begin this fall and is set to premiere with eight weekly one-hour episodes, Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET beginning February 3 on ESPN.

The ESPN Original Entertainment series, produced in conjunction with Broken Twig Productions, will send two teams of four people on a 45-day, cross-country race from New York to San Francisco, charged with using only their wits, minimum wage earnings, and whatever they can scrounge to do so. Each team gets a choice of approximately 50 challenges, from which they must each select 12 -- catching a pass from an NFL quarterback, riding the USC Trojan horse during a game, serving as the ring announcer at a heavyweight boxing match, catching a real Florida marlin or riding a bike on the Velodrome at the U.S. Olympic training site in Colorado Springs. The challenges will require each team to cover equal geographic regions of the country. The last stop of their cross-country mission will be San Francisco?s Alcatraz Island. There, the 12 pictures that document their successful challenges will be certified and a winner declared. The winners will receive two tickets to four major sports championship events of their choosing.

Contestant applications will be posted on the Internet via beginning in July and inside the pages of ESPN The Magazine. Applications are being accepted through August 15 and must be accompanied by photograph and a three-minute videotape telling ESPN why you should be selected. Applicants must be at least 21-years-old to enter.

Once the tapes are reviewed, producers will trim the list to 16 finalists. Those selected will be flown to the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn. for the final stages of the interview process. Eight contestants will be chosen to compete.


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