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What would get the ESPY as the best highlight of your career?

Cael Sanderson
Cael Sanderson is just getting started, and he already has an ESPY.
Marshall Faulk: Probably winning the Super Bowl. I did almost nothing that game, except block and decoy, but winning a Super Bowl was probably it for me. It was something that I wanted to do since I started watching football. You watch the game, and you think about catching the game-winning touchdown or running in the touchdown and punching it in or something like that. Getting that opportunity to win was almost everything.

Heidi Klum: Being on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was really my big splash. I had done Victoria's Secret before Sports Illustrated, but I think that (SI cover) was really like a bouncing board and really got me out there. When you're going to be seen by 55 million people, there's nothing else that can really reach that many people. That was definitely my big bouncing board.

Eddie George: It hasn't happened yet. I've had some great moments, but I haven't had that one defining moment yet.

Gary Payton: I would say going to the NBA Finals and playing against Michael Jordan in 1996. I think that was truly a great moment in my life. We didn't win, but I played against one of the greatest basketball players to ever live, and we had a chance of beating 'em.

Penny Marshall: My favorite moment was in 1998 when I was in the Bulls' locker room when they three-peated in Utah. That was just damn good.

John Madden: It's still winning the Super Bowl. Winning a championship ... it doesn't get any better than that. We were the champions of Super Bowl XI, and we'll always be the champions of Super Bowl XI. They can never take it away. We have the trophy. We have the ring. And we're down in history as winning that Super Bowl. In my broadcasting career, it'd be just my longevity and being able to work with a great guy like Pat Summerall for so many years. That was an amazing thing -- 21 years. And then when Pat stepped back a little, I got the opportunity to come up and work on "Monday Night Football" with Al Michaels. That's big. What the hell else could I ask for?

Jason Sehorn: My interception against Philly in the playoffs on our way to the Super Bowl.

Paul Pierce: So far, being in the playoffs and doing what we did this year. It's the farthest I have been since I've been in the league. That's my all-time highlight.

Lisa Leslie: Winning two gold medals and representing our country in the Olympics.

Jennifer Capriati: My first Grand Slam win in Australia.

Dennis Franz: It has been going on for 10 years now. It's "NYPD Blue." And the first time I won the Emmy. That was probably the most exciting.

Cael Sanderson: The last match of my college career was pretty overwhelming. But I have bigger things that I am looking forward to, like the World Championships. I'm just getting started really.

Wayne Gretzky: My first Stanley Cup. It's a memory you never forget. My most disappointing moment is tonight because now Dennis Quaid has an ESPY and I don't. And we're members of the same (golf) club.

Kobe Bryant: Winning three championships. Each one has its own particular story. The story of the second one builds on the story of the first one, and the story of the third one builds on the story of the second.

Snoop Dogg: Being able to perform with all the people that I looked up to like Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Charlie Wilson from the Gap Band. Just being able to present music from an old school point of view and then be able to put some new flavor on top of it. You have to respect it and accept it.

Samuel L. Jackson: I guess the fact that I got some clarity about what I am doing and kind of changed my career path in a very whole and very real kind of way.

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