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Here's a look at the fourth award:

Who gets the ESPY for the Coolest Celebrity?

Jason Sehorn
No, no, Jason Sehorn ... you're the man.
Wayne Gretzky: Mike Myers. But I'm a little biased because I'm Canadian. More importantly, we love all his movies. He is a big star in our house.

Jason Sehorn: Tom Hanks. He is a guy who has done every role possible and done them all well. He's not just an action star, or a romance guy, he can do everything.

Carl Lewis: Denzel Washington because you never see him (out in public). That's cool to me.

Bootsy Collins: Snoop. He's gotta be the one. He's my boy.

Paul Pierce: I'm gonna go with my man Sam Jackson. I just like his versatility and all the different characters he can play. And he was in my favorite movie of all time, "Pulp Fiction."

Derek Fisher: Denzel Washington. He is just smooth. And he's a Lakers fan.

Jennifer Capriati: I really enjoy Matthew Perry (giggles).

Dennis Franz: There is a guy on our show, Henry Simmons. He was sitting out in the audience actually. He is pretty slick.

Gary Payton: Will Smith. Of all the people in Hollywood I've met, he's definitely the coolest one.

Marshall Faulk: I think Denzel's cool, but I'll tell you what, Halle Berry is cool as (expletive).

Eddie George: Denzel Washington and Matt Damon.

Chris Chelios: John Cusack. I like all his movies. I'm a big fan.

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