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Here's a look at the sixth award:

If you could get a "mulligan" and do one moment of your life over, what would it be?

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson wants another shot at "The Great White Hype."
Jennifer Capriati: It's hard to say because things are so great right now. I've gotten to this point because of all the things I have gone through, so I wouldn't trade it in. It's not a perfect world. Maybe I wouldn't have stopped, but things are just so great right now.

Dennis Franz: Maybe I wouldn't do that nude shower scene.

John Madden: In my first year as a head coach -- I was just talking with Al Davis about this the other night -- we were playing in a championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Daryl Lamonica, who was my quarterback, hit his thumb on a lineman's helmet. Daryl kept saying he was OK, and we kept trying to let him play. Anyway, we found out later that his thumb was broken. I should have put George Blanda in. If I could take a mulligan in my career, that'd be it. If we'd won that game, we would have been in Super Bowl IV against the Vikings. The Chiefs won that Super Bowl, and we had beaten them three times before. I just felt, and I told Al this the other night, that I screwed that up.

Paul Pierce: I'd do the draft over. Hopefully, the teams would see I can play and I would go higher (than the 10th pick).

Lisa Leslie: I'd do my college career over. I definitely would like to have won an NCAA championship.

Penny Marshall: I wish that sports were more accepted for women when I was younger, so I could have participated. I would have liked to have been a runner in the Olympics.

D.L. Hughley: My first couple of years on ABC. I'd change them! We had creative differences: I was creative, and they were different.

Bootsy Collins: I'd come back and have about 4 or 5 of me doing different things so I wouldn't have to do so much.

Eddie George: Nothing. Everything that's happened to me has defined me in some form or fashion and made me the man I am now.

Marshall Faulk: Obviously, I'd probably like to replay the last Super Bowl over again. I'd try to be more of a leader this time. But outside of that, it'd be the whole situation with Indianapolis when I went to St. Louis. I would just kind of handle it a little differently. I don't really want to get into it, but I would have handled it a little differently.

Curt Schilling: I had a Mohawk when I first came to the big leagues. I wouldn't do that again.

Samuel L. Jackson: "The Great White Hype." I'd like to try that again.

Jason Sehorn: The Super Bowl. Next time I'd win.


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