Who should be the new Page 2 gal?
Page 2 staff

Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova
Judging by the latest news and photos, Anna Kournikova has seriously changed her attitude.

She's playing better tennis, and quite frankly, sacrificed her glamourous image.

We know that our Page 2 readers won't stand for it, so we're offering you some choices to replace Kournikova as the unofficial Page 2 poster woman.

We've compiled a few worthy replacements below. Take a look at their qualifications, then vote in the poll at right for your choice as the new Page 2 poster woman.

Heather Mitts

Philadelphia Charge, WUSA

Daniela Hantuchova

Pro tennis player

Natalie Gulbis

Pro golfer

Jamie Salé

Pairs figure skater

Malia Jones

Pro surfer

Lorrie Fair

Philadelphia Charge, WUSA

Tom Brady

Display of Talent: Cleverly masks obvious playoff fumble from referee, makes John Madden eat his words during final Super Bowl drive, possibly disses girlfriend (or is that ex-girlfriend) during ESPY Red Carpet Show on E!.

Simon Says: "Since you have played a grand total of six quarters of notable football, we will reserve judgment on you until after this season to judge if you are the real deal or yet another Michigan one-hit wonder like your fellow alums Griese and Grbac."

Serena Williams

Display of Talent: Crushing her sister as easily as all other opponents, while displaying the best hair on the women's tennis tour.

Simon Says: "Oh, I think Venus has a few wins left in her in this rivalry. And we know all about the shopping habit, so don't think you're fooling anyone."

Sue Bird

Display of Talent: Leads UConn to undefeated championship season, then instantly becomes WNBA superstar. Has been known to appear as part of Backstreet backcourt.

Simon Says: "Two words: Nick Carter. Sue, dear, what are you thinking?"

Sarah Hughes

Display of Talent: Irrepressible good-girl personality dominates talk shows and pro-skating exhibitions.

Simon Says: "What will you have to do to stay in the public eye for another four years until the next Olympics? Appear on a bubblegum reality-TV series? Leave some of your DNA frozen under the rink? ... I won't say any more than that because I can't rip a helpless teenager."


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