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Who's the baddest
bad seed?

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Cancers, coach killers and troublemakers. Whatever you want to call them, bad seeds have been bad news to teams, bands, TV shows, TV families and presidential administrations.

We've compiled some of the most notable bad seeds who've done the most damage. Check out their credentials below, then vote in the poll at left to help us determine who's the baddest one of them all.

Jeff George
The prototypical bad seed. Not only has he been a loser for five different NFL teams (Colts, Falcons, Raiders, Vikes and 'Skins) -- he owns the third-lowest winning percentage (a k a the third-highest losing percentage) of any NFL QB in the past 50 years with 100 or more decisions -- but he has annoyed fans, infuriated teammates and killed coaches from coast to coast.

Carl Everett
Even Carl Jung couldn't figure out this guy. Everett doesn't believe dinosaurs ever existed, never met an authority figure he trusted, can't control his anger and was arrested on suspicion of physically abusing his own children ... he's the original four-tool bad seed. He's left the Red Sox in even worse shape than he found them, which has been his modus operandi for his career, which also includes stints with the Yankees organization and the Marlins, Mets and Astros.

Isaiah Rider
In a league that boasts Derrick Coleman, Rod Strickland and many others like them, there's only one real candidate for No. 1 NBA bad seed. Rider has been passed around from the T-Wolves to the Blazers to the Hawks to the Lakers. How many guys have there ever been who are capable of scoring 20-plus points per game -- and can barely get a contract for the minimum salary?

Shannen Doherty
Shot to fame as Brenda Walsh on "Beverly Hills 90210," and quickly sparked the "I hate Brenda" craze before leaving the show after four seasons. After trying her luck in movies, she returned to TV in WB's "Charmed," only to alienate cast and crew again. She left after last season.

Yoko Ono
Within weeks of seducing John Lennon, she managed to poison and destroy the most popular rock band ever. Forever.

John Rocker
Let's see, he alienated the largest city in the country. And the clubhouse of an NL team. And now the clubhouse of an AL team. Plus, right-thinking people everywhere. Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

Monica Lewinsky
Whether you blame her or President Clinton, the two of them came within an eyelash of bringing down a presidential administration.

Sal "Big Pussy" Bompensiero
He ratted on good pal Tony Soprano in an attempt to avoid prison time on a heroin rap, which forced Tony to kill him, which made Tony really anxious and upset.

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