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Fill in the blank for MJ's latest comeback

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It was déjà vu all over again.

For the second time in a single lifetime, Michael Jordan began an improbable NBA comeback -- this time against the Knicks in the mecca of basketball, New York's Madison Square Garden.

Page 2 knew you watched, and we wanted you to play hoops critic by participating in "Drawing a Blank," in which we ask you to complete a sentence about this week's hot sports topic.

On Wednesday, we asked readers to fill in the blank in the following sentence:

Watching Michael Jordan (and the Wizards) lose to the Knicks (and Felton Spencer) in their season opener was like watching ____________________

Below are the best e-mails from the more than 400 responses we received.

... the "Facts of Life E! True Hollywood Story." You prayed Mindy Cohn (Natalie) would look hot and not be annoying, but deep down inside, you knew better.
Neal Koblitz
Jupiter, Fla

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan conjures up images of Mindy Cohn, Chevy Chase, Charles Barkley and Daisy Duke, among others.
... that kid from "A Christmas Story" put his tongue on the flagpole. You just knew it was a bad idea, but couldn't take your eyes off it.
Chris Roff
Easton, Pa.

... Al Pacino in "The Godfather 3."
Alex Rodriguez
Roslyn, Pa.

... listening to Charles Barkley talk on the halftime show. It was slow and painful, much like the basketball game.
Tom Hajduk

... watching that McDonald's commercial where Kobe Bryant plays on those little kids' basketball team, the only difference being that MJ was playing instead of Kobe.
Kevin Haines
Plano, Texas

... Grandpa trying to eat steak without his teeth.
Matt Lavoie
Ithaca, N.Y.

... "Old Yeller." You love the main character, but you just know how it's going to end, and you still can't do anything about it.
Mike Santosuosso
Abington, Mass.

... any other boring regular season NBA game.
Bruce Landow
Meridian, Idaho

... the scrambled porn on pay TV. You've seen it all before, but you just can't change the channel since you might miss something good.
Arlington, Va.

... a rerun of "MacGyver." You remember it being better, but you can't bring yourself to turn the channel.
Brian Hanson
Blaine, Minn.

... "The Dukes of Hazard Reunion Show," featuring a "saggy" Daisy Duke.
Jeff K.
Holmdel, N.J.

... "Blazing Saddles." Stellar stars, recognizable role players, high comedy throughout, and unending absurdity during the final 10 minutes. Moreover, doesn't Cleavon Little look like MJ just a tad?
Steve Shaffer
Winter Garden, Fla.

... Goose's head hit the cockpit's window in "Top Gun." You know it's going to happen, but you still watch hoping for a different outcome.
Jamie Deaton
Springfield, Va.

... that guy from "Swingers" call that chick about eight times the first night he got her number. You just couldn't help but feel a little bad.
Ryan McCarthy
Hartford, Conn.

... Chevy Chase in "Caddyshack II."
Brian Bashynski

... an Access Hollywood report that Oprah regained the weight. No one cares!
Kip Portz
Pasadena, Calif.

... "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown " ... no wait, that was the Great Pumpkin I was watching.
Brad Hauff
Mandan, N.D.

... tuning in to watch "Saved by the Bell" reruns, and realizing that it's "The College Years" ...
Lex Steppling
Los Angeles

... every Wizards game last season, or the season before ... a loss.
Mike Bustard
Harrisonburg, Va.

... "Titanic." The unsinkable boat is sunk by a big pile of ice. But at least Kate Winslet was naked in it.
Frank Nieto
Camp Hill, Pa.

... your best friend make out with a really ugly chick. You know nothing good can come out of it, but you're absolutely mesmerized...
Brandon W. Mudd
St. Charles, Mo.

... my 85-year-old grandfather try to do the electric slide.
Mike Wood
Harrisburg, Pa.

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