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Same old, same old

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So the New York Yankees are headed back to the World Series. What else is new?

The New York Yankees
Many of our readers don't embrace the idea of another Fall Classic featuring the Yanks.
Page 2 wanted to see how sports fans felt about another Fall Classic with the Bronx Bombers, so we asked our readers to complete the following sentence for this week's edition of "Drawing A Blank":

Seeing the Yankees in the World Series again is like seeing ... ______________

After receiving more than 1,500 e-mails, here are the best responses.

... Walker, Texas Ranger beat up the bad guys. You think that maybe this time Walker just might lose the fight, but he never does.
Kevin Philpy
Zionsville, Ind.

... that Carrot Top collect-call commercial for the millionth time.
Scott Hamill

... the headline "New Study: Leaves Fall From Trees In Autumn."
Aaron Allermann
Watertown, Wis.

... O.J. in court again.
Gainsville, Fla.

... Ryan Leaf getting cut ... again.
Ben C.
Arcata, Calif.

... that "FICA" dude's name on your paycheck ... you know it's going to be there every time, so what's the point in looking?
Tim Nicoll

... your grandmother naked. There is absolutely nothing good or redeeming about it unless you are a deeply disturbed individual.
Stephen J. Rhombus
Neshabur, N.J.

... Pamela Anderson naked ... again. There's just nothing left to see.
Jason Jordan
Herrin, Ill.

... that Shawn Kemp is having another child. It just keeps happening year after year after year.
Evan Lipton
Toronto, Ontario

... Anna Kournikova with another hockey player as her fiance.
Angela Lewis
Los Angeles

... "that guy" with your ex-girlfriend making out in public. You know it's going to happen, but you pray you don't have to see it.
Steve Wong

... the Road Runner hitting Wile E. Coyote with his own anvil ... again ... and again ... and again ...
Jack Kogod
Washington D.C.

... Shaq missing a free throw.
Bob Burgess
Fenton, Mich.

... Donald Trump win Powerball ... four times in a row.
Dave McCullough
Merrimack, N.H.

... your ugly friend hitting on the hottest girl in the bar -- you already know the outcome but, damn, you still have to watch.
Jeff Bowman
Whitehall, Pa.

... the Red Sox on the golf course in October.
Nutley, N.J.

... your best friend pour sugar in your gas tank as you walk away from the job you just got fired from while you think of your dog that died the day before and the girlfriend that broke up with you on a voice mail on your lunch break.
Kip Portz
Pasadena, Calif.

... yet another "boy band" break into the Top 40 charts.
New London, Conn.

... Michael Jordan come out of retirement.
Rudy Ash
Flushing, N.Y.

... the dentist.
Dovid Form
Southieborough Mass.

... the season premiere of "Becker." It's October, you know it's probably going to be there. But there's no way in hell you can stand to watch it again.
Silver Spring, Md.

... a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie without the hot love interest.

... Jennifer Lopez in a white T-shirt on a rainy day.
Carlos Cuevas
Brooklyn, N.Y.

... "Diagnosis Murder" in syndication ... it sucked when it started, and it still sucks now!
Hank Hollander

... a rabid raccoon tearing apart the neighbor's dog that barks all night and craps on your lawn.
Matt Chapkosky
Albany, N.Y.

... myself in a horrifying version of "Groundhog Day," where I am miserable for one month a year, because every team not wearing pinstripes chokes, again and again and again.
Nick Cardamone

... Howie Long in another TV commercial.
John Zediker
Huntington Beach, Calif.

... Vanilla Ice perform again. You had your fun, now get the hell off the stage.
Knoxville, Tenn.

... the ending of Old Yeller over and over -- no matter how hard you hope for a different outcome, you wind up crying in the end.
James Cahill
Washington, D.C.

... another bag of Candy Corn on the table; you know they're tasty, but you just get sick of them.
Aaron Fingar
Birmingham, Ala.

... "Rocky" for the hundredth time. You know Apollo wins, no matter how hard Rocky works for it. But still, you hope the underdog can win in 15 sometime.
Jeff Parrotte
West Monroe, N.Y.

... Strom Thurmond running for the Senate.
Gary Alexander
McKees Rocks, Pa.

... the Keith Hernandez "Seinfeld" episodes ... sure you've seen them before, but you've gotta watch.
John Ruckman
Lompoc, Calif.

... Shadow Stevens on "Hollywood Squares" or Richard Dawson on "The Match Game."
Jamie High

... seeing the Yankees in the World Series again is like seeing Page 2 decline all of my responses -- they both are expected.
Dave Shampaner
East Brunswick, N.J.

... SI's swimsuit issue. It never gets old.
Jim Harvey
Cortland, N.Y.

... a 12-year-old reach out and pull in a fair ball for a home run.

... what the Roman Army did to the Germainians at the begining of "Gladiator."
Hopedale, Mass.

... the life of another '80s child actor head straight down the toilet. You knew it was going to end like that!
John Motto
Columbus, Ohio

... the movie "Swingers." The more you watch them, the more you come to appreciate them.
Nick Proia
Durham, N.C.

... Fox run another Adult content warning.
Michelle Penson

... another Bill Simmons column about the Red Sox.
Tom Pendow
Little Rock, Ark.

... a pizza delivery guy in a porno.
Brendan Reilly
Sioux Falls, S.D.

... "Full House" meets "The Brady Bunch" on the big screen.
Eagle Mountain, Utah

... the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol visiting Bill Gates.
Tom Wieduwilt
Glendale, Ariz.

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