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Being ... Barry Bonds
Page 2 staff

He already has hit more home runs before the All-Star break than any player in major-league history. So, is the pressure of chasing 70 starting to get to Barry Bonds? Click through Bonds' brain with Page 2 to find out.

"I wonder if he's free to make '71*' next summer?"

"If he stays in the Mets' rotation, I might hit 80."

"I'm telling you for the last time, Junior, they hate me more. Really! No, they do!!"

"McCovey Cove? Hmpph. When I get done, they'll be calling it Bonds Bay."

"The first thing I do when I buy a calendar is rip out October."

"Note to self: Remember to call up Mac on Sept. 4 after I hit No. 60."

"Yeah, I guess this is my free-agent year, isn't it?"

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