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Being ... Vince Carter
Page 2 staff

The perception of Vince Carter has changed dramatically in the 2001 NBA playoffs. So, what's on the mind of the Raptors star as he prepares for a pivotal Game 5 in Philly? Page 2 goes inside Air Canada's head to find out.

He came out of North Carolina early with flashy skills and incredible hops. He was billed as the NBA's most marketable star before he had won a thing. Sound familiar?

How is Vince Carter coping with the pressure of being the next Michael Jordan? Use your mouse to click through his inner thoughts.

"So, I lost a bet and was forced to wear high socks and a headband. Now, everyone's doing it. Am I really that cool?"

"Haven't heard much out of you since I dropped that 50 on Philly in Game 3. You still on the team?"

"If I leave Toronto as a free agent, it's not about the money -- at least, not that money.""

"You know, technically, Canada is a much bigger country than Jordan."

"I learned this in Physics Class at UNC -- what happens when an irresistible force meets an immobile French dude."

"A-I and Anne vs. me and mom ... No contest. We'd kill 'em on the boards."

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