Being ... Manny Ramirez
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First Manny was sick. Then Manny was hanging out with Yankee buddy Enrique Wilson at the Ritz. Then Manny begged out of a pinch-hitting assignment. Then Manny was benched. Page 2 wonders what's going on right now in Manny's head ...


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"Great hitter, lousy fielder, surly with the media. Check. Check. Check. Now I just need to work on that war hero thing."

"Sure I'd love to play in New York. The traffic alone would give me all sorts of excuses for being late."

"When they said, 'Enrique wants to meet you at the bar,' I figured he'd have Anna with him."

"What's he got that I don't? Aside from intensity, hustle, a soccer star fiancee and a cool first name."

"Try to be Little for a day? I thought you said belittle him for a day."

"They're not paying me $160 million to sit on the bench. Oh wait, yeah they are. Sweet."

"See what happens when you try to play defense? I'm just saving these fans more heartache."