Being ... Mr. Met
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Forget the Tigers. They're just bad. For pure entertainment, we'll take the Mets as the best running joke in the majors. They're Amazin' in their ineptitude -- on the diamond and in the clubhouse. Page 2 checks in with the "face" of the franchise:


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"Things were great with Linda after the 'suntan lotion' commercial, but everything got weird when she started talking about becoming 'Mrs. Met.' "

"My head might weigh 37 pounds ... but I can at least bend over to field a groundball."

"Hey, maybe there are some advantages to being a bald mascot."

"If I were to put on that fake mustache and glasses, maybe I could pass myself off as Billy The Marlin."

"Geez! Cedeno couldn't hit .250 if they were pitching my head."

"Screw Alf! Mike had agreed to do the commercials with me."

"I wouldn't trust Armando with a three-run lead in the ninth ... or scissors and clippers in the seventh."