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Being Rick Pitino
Page 2 staff

He's considering the act of high treason in college basketball. So, what is former Kentucky savior Rick Pitino thinking as he ponders taking the job at hated rival Louisville? Click through his brain with Page 2 to find out.

I'm a legend at the college level, and I'll never forget that early Final Four run at Providence or the national title at Kentucky.

I'm trying to forget those ... wonderful ... 3½ years in Boston ... hey, it's working! I know Joanne would love living back in Kentucky. I just hope she could cope with our old friends hating us.


"It could be worse. I could be in Lubbock."


"Pervis Ellison is not walking through that door, fans. Scooter McCray is not walking through that door, and Darrell Griffith is not walking through that door."

Note to self:

"Before accepting, remember to check if the Cardinals have any hot alums."

Second guessing:

"I wonder if it's too late to re-consider UNLV? ... I wonder if it's too late to hire Milt Wagner as an assistant coach? Calipari owes me from UMass. ... Am I starting to lose my hair?"

Future plans:

"I think I'll open my first press conference by saying, 'If we don't play better defense, I'm going to quit.'"

Questions to ponder:

"I wonder what Red meant when he said, 'Lose my phone number'?"

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