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Being ... Patrick Roy
Page 2 staff

Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy is under a lot of pressure to prove he's still hockey's best money goalie. What's on his mind as he tries to win his fourth Stanley Cup? Page 2 goes inside Roy's head to find out.

Goalies are an unusual breed to begin with, but Patrick Roy puts the quirk in quirky. Given his success, it's hard to fault the NHL's all-time winningest netminder. It's just hard to understand him sometimes, so let's take a look inside his head.

Use your mouse to click through his inner thoughts.

Is it too much to ask people to pronounce my name correctly after 17 seasons?

Without Forsberg, I guess it's up to me to help the offense.

Good thing for Roenick's sake he didn't make the postseason because I don't know where I'd tell him I'd stick my third Stanley Cup ring.

Sometimes it feels like you guys are my only friends.

Let's see, if I average four shutouts per year, hope for more expansion and stay with strong teams, I'll only be 48 when I break Sawchuk's record.

Perhaps I shouldn't have said I'd never wear that sweater again. A little leverage this summer wouldn't hurt.

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