Being ... Vijay Singh
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Now that Vijay Singh has clued the world in to his views about Annika Sorenstam's participation in the Colonial next week, Page 2 wondered what else is going on in that brain of his. Here's what we discovered:


Singh: Annika has no business playing Colonial

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"The PGA Tour should be reserved for the cream of the athletic crop."

"Annika can't compete with men, but I bet she could beat Phil in a major."

"However, I would play in a twosome with Anna Kournikova."

" 'Texas-rules golf' is going to be tougher if Annika's on the course."

"Why can't she just hang out with the other Swedes."

"Then again, if she plays, maybe I can finally straighten out my putter."

"I only said all this to prove I am not the world's most boring man."