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Being The Boss

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For a long time, he was the most vilified man in baseball. But then his Yankees started winning with a likeable cast of characters, and he faded to the background. So, what's going on in George Steinbrenner's head?

Is The Boss still a symbol of everything bad in baseball? Or has he learned the error of his ways and become a harmless aged owner?

Join us on a journey through his inner thoughts to find out.

Fond memory: Hired Joe Torre

Painful memory: Fired George Constanza

Fond memory: Signed Derek Jeter to $189 million deal to keep him in Yankee Stadium

Painful memory: Gave Richard Nixon illegal campaign money to keep him in White House

Fond memory: Fought with Red Sox, Braves, Mets, et al. to win four World Series in five years

Painful memory: Fought with two fans in an elevator during 1981 World Series

Fond memory: Maintained Yankee tradition by keeping team in pinstripes

Painful memory: Maintained dress code by stupidly making Don Mattingly cut hair

Fond memory: Decided to hire Darryl Strawberry to warn minor-leaguers of dangers of drugs

Painful memory: Hired thug Howard Spira to spy on Dave Winfield

Fond memory: Hired Billy Martin five times

Painful memory: Hired Billy Martin five times

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