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Being Bobby Valentine
Page 2 staff

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He has feuded with management, the media and his own players. So, naturally Bobby Valentine is again the subject of controversy as he gets set to manage the NL All-Star team. Page 2 explains the inner Bobby V:

"I heard this look always helped Groucho Marx pick up chicks."

"I can't understand why people think I'm arrogant. It's not my fault that I'm the smartest man in baseball."

"Hello, Cliff. It's Bobby. I really shouldn't tell you this, but what the hell: I'm gonna put you on the All-Star team."

"Hello, Cliff. It's Bobby. I lied. ... Well, are those airline tickets refundable?"

"Hello, Cliff. It's Bobby. Just like I promised, you're an All-Star."

"Let me get this straight: He picks seven guys from his own team, I don't pick one lousy Marlin, and I'm the bad guy."

"Now, that's a good disguise."

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