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Being ... Tiger Woods
Page 2 staff

"I am Tiger Woods." It's more than a marketing campaign, it's the dream of millions of duffers. So, what's it like to be El Tigre during U.S. Open week? Click through his inner thoughts with Page 2:

"To make things more interesting this week, I think I'll play the second round left-handed."

"Don't even talk about your father putting pressure on you. At least your old man didn't predict you'd change the world."

"What do you mean it's only a grand slam if I eat the eggs, pancakes and bacon in one meal?"

"Which one of you guys is going to finish second this week at Southern Hills?"

"I really liked that gal, and I miss her a lot. Too bad Dad believes that women ruin your golf game."

"Prince had the right idea when he changed his name to a symbol. I just don't know which one to pick."

"I hope when I get old, I don't turn bitter and petty."

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