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In a cover story interview this week, Venus Williams told Time magazine: "People criticize me as being arrogant. Maybe because I'm a little smarter than the others." Are you as smart as Venus? Or do you need to watch more Sports Center? Take our weekly quiz and find out.
Venus Williams
Venus Williams

1. A Sports Illustrated investigation discovered evidence that Little Leaguer Danny Almonte might actually be 14, two years older than allowed by Little League rules. Their evidence is:
    A. A birth certificate in the civil records of his hometown in the Dominican Republic
    B. His voter's registration card
    C. An old advertisement showing him endorsing Chesterfield cigarettes
    D. Viagra in his snow cone

2. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Almonte never attended school during the 18 months he's been in the United States. Almonte's father, Felipe, said he didn't go to school because he was:
Danny Almonte
Danny Almonte
    A. Hanging out with his younger cousin, El Duque
    B. Eating and playing ball
    C. On an athletic scholarship to the University of Minnesota

3. Despite the controversy surrounding Almonte, New York mayor Rudy Giuiliani presented him with:
    A. The key to the city
    B. The key to a new Honda Accord

4. Lennox Lewis and Hasim Rahman broke into a fight during taping of ESPN's Up Close this week. The two heavyweights did so because:
    A. No one would have paid attention to their upcoming fight otherwise
    B. That's what Don King's script instructed the two to do
    C. Rahman questioned Lewis' sexuality
5. Ashley Martin took women's sports to a new level Thursday night when she became the first woman:
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin
    A. To play and score a point in a Division I football game.
    B. To appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated without wearing a bikini.
    C. Other than Anna Kournikova to get an endorsement deal.

6. Colorado Avalanche executive Mark Waggoner carried the Stanley Cup to the summit of Mount Elbert, an elevation of 14,433. The only place less likely to find the Cup is:
    A. The bottom of the Marianas Trench
    B. The Sea of Tranquility
    C. The Tampa Bay Lightning trophy case

ANSWERS: 1, A; 2, B; 3, A; 4, C; 5, A; 6, All of the above.

By the way, Venus got all six right.

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