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Are you a well-informed American on the important current events of the world, or do you need to watch SportsCenter a little more often? Find out by taking the weekly Page 2 news challenge:

Danny Almonte
Danny Almonte
1. Who is the oldest person of this week's newsmakers?
    A. California Rep. Gary Condit
    B. President George W. Bush
    C. North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms
    D. Bronx Little Leaguer Danny Almonte

2. The White House announced this week that the projected budget surplus has fallen from $281 billion to $124 billion, almost all of which is in the Social Security reserve. The administration attributed the decline to:
    A. The slowing economy
    B. The tax rebate
    Alex Rodriguez
    C. Alex Rodriguez's contract

3. Among Jack Kerouac's personal items recently obtained by the New York Public Library are meticulously detailed journals on an impossibly intricate fantasy baseball game the author played as a youth and young adult. Kerouac differed from modern fantasy leaguers, however:
    A. Because he apparently played his games by throwing marbles and erasers at a target 40 feet away.
    B. The teams were named after automobile models and the players named after figures such as Pancho Villa.
    C. He did not wear Spock ears and bore his co-workers with lengthy descriptions of his team's recent transactions.

4. A Louisiana man is running a website,, in which he claims he will amputate his feet by guillotine live on the Internet this Halloween. He is charging $20 for the webcast and hopes it will pay for the cost of a needed $200,000 medical procedure because:
    A. There are a lot of sick puppies out there willing to pay $20 to see a man chop off his own feet.
    B. XFL fans are still looking for alternative programming.
5. The Grand American Road Racing Association has approached 25 universities about forming a college team racing series because:
    A. Racing is an incredibly popular sport in many regions of the country.
    B. Not enough college athletes are dying already on the football field.

6. With the season fast approaching and still no contract agreement with its referees, the NFL took what step this week?
    A. Postponing the season's start by two weeks.
    B. Hiring replacement refs.
    C. Offering to resolve the dispute by having referee Phil Luckett flip a coin -- heads, the NFL wins, tails, the referees lose.

ANSWERS: 1, C; 2, A and B; 3, A and B; 4, A; 5, A.; 6, B..

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