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Florida vs. Triangle


Poll Results

Disputed Florida results

Why it is on the list: Newsweek had Florida. TV Guide had Florida. Why can't we have Florida? There were no chads, but the BCS computer put Florida State ahead of Miami despite the fact the Hurricanes beat the Seminoles on the field -- giving the Noles a trip to the national title game and the Canes the slight hope of a split title. What was that we heard about computers having no feelings? Oh, wait -- that was presidential politics.

Shaq, Kobe, Phil love triangle

Why they are on the list: Phil comes to L.A. and finds Shaq and Kobe squabbling. Phil, wearing six NBA championship rings on his five fingers, tells Shaq and Kobe to play nice together. They do -- and win the NBA title. But as the new season starts, Shaq and Kobe are reportedly at odds again. Phil has remained mum, presumably keeping his zen-like distance until the playoff push. Stay tuned.

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Olympics vs. Prima Donnas

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Rocker vs. Owners

NFL murder trials vs. McSorley slash

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