Pedicures? Not this crowd
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Still confused about what a metrosexual is? We provide some photographic evidence of athletes who definitely don't fit the bill.

John DalyBrett Favre
John Daly
Brett Favre
"I better concentrate; you know how many beers you can put in a Claret Jug?"
There's nothing metro about playing on the Frozen Tundra.

Eric GagneAllen Iverson
Eric Gagne
Allen Iverson
What else can you say about a guy that could beat Travis Bickle in a staring contest?
The Answer would need some practice at being metro, and we all know how he feels about practice.

Edgerrin JamesRandy Johnson
Edgerrin James
Randy Johnson
Edgerrin's dentist will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
You don't mess with six feet, 10 inches of mullet-sporting fury.

Karl MaloneKyle Turley
Karl Malone
Kyle Turley
Some guys spend their cash on flashy sports cars. The Mailman bought an 18-wheeler.
You want to question Turley's manhood? OK, we'll drive you to the hospital.


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