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Damn, we love our jobs.

Once again, our search for peculiar and interesting sports news turned up some items that are beyond our imagination.

So we've rounded up some stranger-than-fiction tales below, plus one that we made up. See if you can tell which one isn't true, then click here to find the answer with further explanations for all of these stories.

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

  • No. 1 Dennis Rodman suddenly turns camera-shy. Rodman's lawyers filed a motion asking a Nevada District Court to bar Court TV cameras from his upcoming civil trial in which Rodman is accused of behaving strangely at a Las Vegas casino craps table.

  • No. 2 Speaking of casinos and ex-Bulls, the Michael Jordan Steakhouse opened at the Mohegan Sun Casino on the same day that Jordan's Wizards and the Celtics played their final 2001 exhibition games at the Connecticut complex.

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

  • No. 3 The league's current leading scorer was left off the NHL's All-Star ballot.

  • No. 4 Loveland High School's football team was in danger of not being able to defend its Colorado Class 4A football title because its players sprayed themselves with a nonstick cooking spray before a recent game.

  • No. 5 Unruly collectors forced the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in St. Louis to close after demand for the Dick Weber bobblehead doll giveaway exceeded expectations.

  • No. 6 Angered at their club's poor efforts in the Italian serie A league and Champions League, Lazio supporters staged a loud protest that forced the team to stop a practice and move a training session to another pitch away from fans.

    Bizarre & Bogus questions: Oct. 12, 2001

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