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It's so hard to take sports seriously when it seems like they're following a script from Comedy Central.

Once again Page 2 has come across numerous stories too strange for even us to invent. So, we present another Bizarre and Bogus quiz to see if you can tell fact from fiction.

We've rounded up some stranger-than-fiction tales below, plus one that we made up. Guess which story isn't true, then click here to see the answer along with further explanations for all of these Bizarre and Bogus stories.

Denis Gauthier
Denis Gauthier

  • No. 1 Calgary Flames tough guy Denis Gauthier announced that he will donate $30 to the Special Olympics for every hit he's credited with this season.

  • No. 2 Sticking on the ice, the world's top-ranked doubles luge team from Italy has been suspended from the next World Cup event in Konigssee, Germany, and is in danger of being banned from the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics because they were discovered to have covered parts of their uniforms with a sticky substance to gain more grip and an aerodynamic advantage during runs.

    Cardiff mascot
    Barty the Bluebird

  • No. 3 English soccer mascots have gotten so rowdy that the Football Association is drawing up a code of conduct to control the behavior of the furry creatures.

  • No. 4 Another cuddly resident of Britain has taken up a bloodier pastime than soccer mascots. U.S. import Madonna says she enjoys the jolly old English sport of pheasant hunting.


  • No. 5 Two Fairleigh Dickinson basketball players got into trouble because they used guns for that typically American hobby, convenience store robbery. The two players were charged with armed robbery and suspended from school.

  • No. 6 Sticking with police reports, boxer James "The Harlem Hammer" Butler was arrested after he sucker-punched his opponent, Richard Grant, with his bare fist following their fight. Grant had just been named the winner of their bout and was extending his arms to hug Butler as a gesture of sportsmanship when his rival hit him in the face.

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