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More often lately, we notice some news that is too strange to believe. And sometimes we see some sports items that we wish we'd made up.

Together they provide perfect material for Bizarre & Bogus, where we see if you can tell the difference between fact and fiction.

Below we've compiled seven strange-but-true stories and one that we made up. Take a look at them all and guess which one is fake. Then click here to see which one isn't true.

Ramon Ortiz
Ramon Ortiz

  • No. 1 In an attempt to lure younger fans, the World Curling Federation is encouraging its players to wear darker and baggier clothing and to show more personality on the ice.

  • No. 2 Anaheim Angels pitcher Ramon Ortiz, who was considered one of the team's best young pitchers, is three years older than previously thought.

    Dirk Nowitzki
    Dirk Nowitzki

  • No. 3 Former football and baseball star Deion Sanders was named host of this year's Miss USA pageant.

  • No. 4 The Philadelphia 76ers' charity auction website recently offered a 90-minute date with shooting guard Raja Bell for a minimum bid of $1,500 but were having trouble finding bidders.

    Ross Rebagliati
    Ross Rebagliati

  • No. 5 The Dallas Mavericks are auctioning off locks of hair from the recently shaved head of All-Star forward Dirk Nowitzki.

  • No. 6 Canada's Ross Rebagliati, the reigning Olympic champion in giant slalom snowboarding, was planning on driving to Salt Lake City to watch the 2002 Winter Olympics but was told by American border authorities that he would be refused entry into the United States because he once smoked marijuana.

  • No. 7
    Anna Kournikova
    Anna Kournikova
    Anna Kournikova was expelled from Moscow's Sport University because she hasn't showed up for a class in the two years she's been enrolled.

  • No. 8 Mike Emrick asked NBC if he could withdraw from his job as the No. 2 hockey play-by-play announcer for the Winter Olympics because he wanted to take care of his sick dog.


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