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The Winter Olympics wasn't the only source of hard-to-believe stories in sports lately.

Once again we've compiled some stranger-than-fiction stories for Bizarre & Bogus, and we're going to test you to see if you can tell the difference between fact and fake.

Below we've compiled five strange-but-true stories and one that we made up. Guess which one you believe is fake, then click here to reveal which one isn't true.

Randy Winn
Randy Winn

  • No. 1 A group of University of Pennsylvania students has begun a "Buy the Expos" drive on the Internet.

  • No. 2 Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder Randy Winn won a car with a half-court shot at a Los Angeles Clippers game.

  • No. 3 Canadian Olympic hockey team executive director Wayne Gretzky criticized a Molson beer TV ads that showed Russian, Swedish and Czech opponents afraid to face Canada.

    Darius Miles
    Darius Miles

  • No. 4 Clippers small forward Darius Miles has been invited to perform a song from his upcoming rap album at Wednesday's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

  • No. 5 The U.S. Olympic Committee's Internet server crashed for nine hours after receiving so many e-mails threatening short-track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno.

  • No. 6 Backstreet Boy Nick Carter plans to enter a 130 mph boat in the American Power Boat Association's 2002 circuit.


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