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Sports news never fails to provide new twists and strange events. This week it was a thief in the clubhouse and sex at a drug-treatment center -- and that's just Yankees news.

Once again we've compiled some stranger-than-fiction stories for Bizarre & Bogus, and we're going to test you to see if you can tell the difference between fact and fake.

Below we've compiled five strange-but-true stories and one that we made up. Guess which one you believe is fake, then click here to find out which one isn't true.

  • No. 1 Two Louisville basketball fans who ran onto the court at Freedom Hall after a Cardinals upset victory were charged with disorderly conduct.

  • No. 2 Beginning in the fall, University of Nebraska cheerleaders will not be allowed to include any gymnastics or stunts in their routines. The school has ordered them to just lead cheers.

  • No. 3 An Asian snack food company is offering free tickets to the 2002 World Cup for the soccer fan who has the most South Korean flags tattooed on his body.

  • No. 4 The International Bowling Federation is trying to get its sport included at the Olympics.

  • No. 5 New technology in Formula One racing might leave it susceptible to computer hackers.

  • No. 6 The Orlando Magic celebrated a recent victory by feasting on 50 double cheeseburgers from The White Castle.


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