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If you guessed the Vagisil-sponsored Winston Cup car, you're right. Too bad. It would lead to some interesting confrontations with the Viagra car.

Here's some more background on these stories:

Crowe accused of rugby tampering: TrueAlice Cooper's sports bar: True
Russell Crowe
Sharks coach Chris Anderson said Russell Crowe is breaking the league's anti-tampering laws by trying to lure Preston Campbell, the National Rugby League player of the year from the Sharks to South Sydney. Anderson said he can't take any action because Crowe is just a fan of South Sydney and has no official position with it.
Alice Cooper
You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant. Alice Cooper was on hand April 2 to open his latest restaurant, this one across the steeet from Jacobs Field in Cleveland. Cooper, a big baseball and golf fan, opened an Alice Coopers'town in Phoenix in 1998, while another in Denver recently closed.

Alfonseca runs from wrester: TrueOhno most unwelcome in South Korea: True
Antonio Alfonseca
In the second week of spring training, according to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Antonio Alfonseca angrily refused a weigh-in request and cursed in Spanish at Marlins conditioning coach Dale Torborg, who wrestles professionally as "The Demon." When the 6-foot-6, 270-pound Torborg went after Alfonseca, the pitcher ran to a trainer's office and locked the door.
Kim Dong-sung, Apolo Anton Ohno
In a poll of 442 college students, South Korean magazine Vox found that Apolo Anton Ohno was the "most unwelcome" personality at this year's World Cup. Ohno won gold in the 1,500-meter race when South Korea's Kim Dong-sung (left) was disqualified. Osama bin Laden was second in the poll, followed by Jay Leno and Brigitte Bardot. Leno and Bardot "have ridiculed South Koreans for their custom of eating dog."

NASCAR team considers Vagisil sponsorship: FalseTennis court lines come up short: True
Joe Nemechek's Ford
OK, we made up this one. But Haas-Carter Motorsports co-owner Travis Carter said the team is trying to find some money to run one of its two cars for the rest of the Winston Cup season. "You know you get a lot of freakish or flakish people calling misrepresenting things, so we're kind of filtering through a lot of that. I think there are probably only one or two legitimate opportunities," Carter told CNN/SI.
Anne Kremer
Anne Kremer, above, and Jennifer Hopkins complained about the service court area to the chair umpire but no action was taken during the Monday match. Tournament officials measured the court after the match, which included 29 double faults, and discovered the service court area was three feet short. Kremer's victory was upheld.


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