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If you guessed high school junior LeBron James' book deal, you're right.

Here's some more background on these stories:

Robertson to sell horse racing interests: TrueLeBron James book deal: False
Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson said in a letter he will sell his thoroughbred horse racing interests by November because some of his followers objected to his involvement in a sport driven by gambling. "I am sorry that my fondness for the performance of equine athletes has caused you an offense," he wrote. In the letter, Robertson stated that as a child, he used to race his horses against others "over country roads or rolling pastures."
LeBron James
We made up this one about LeBron James' book deal, but we wouldn't be surprised if somebody makes a pitch soon.

Dog-meat sellers won't offer free samples: TrueCologne dooms Spanish goalkeeper: True
special policemen
A group of 150 restaurant owners in Seoul, South Korea, said it scrapped plans to set up stalls near World Cup stadiums and offer tourists free samples of steamed meat, soup, sandwiches and hamburgers made of dog meat. "Since our plan was revealed, we have come under pressure from authorities and others," said Park Sung-soo, head of the organization. "We will not go against the government's wishes."
Santiago Canizares
Santiago Canizares accidentally smashed a bottle of cologne against the sink in the bathroom and a shard of glass dropped on to his foot, severing the tendon in his big toe. The accident occurred just days after he was named Spain's No. 1 goalkeeper for the World Cup.

Baylor blames singer for Brewers' rally: TrueOtto the Orange hit: True
Kerry Wood
After Sunday's 5-4 victory over the Brewers, Cubs manager Don Baylor attributed Kerry Wood's poor seventh inning to a singer's extended version of "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch. "It was not announced and I saw the momentum of the game change," Baylor told the Chicago Sun-Times. "If you are told beforehand, you understand. The umpires said no one told them. Paul Schrieber told [the singer] to forget it, but she came out anyway." Wood didn't blame the two solo home runs he gave up on the song, which hadn't been sung in the first two games of the series.
Syracuse guard DeShaun Williams was scheduled to be arraigned on assault charges last week after a barroom brawl in which he allegedly punched a woman who also is the the school's mascot Otto the Orange. "The victim said she was on the dance floor with several friends and Mr. Williams came over with some of his friends. There was some bumping into each other and some words were exchanged, and after that Mr. Williams turned around and hit the victim in the face," a police spokesman said.


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