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If you guessed the Landon Donovan-Britney Spears dream date, you're right.

Here's some more background on these stories:

No soup for Poles: TrueSouth Korean fan lights
himself on fire: True
Pawel Kryszalowicz
Poland's chef, Robert Sowa, was not pleased with his squad's opening 2-0 loss to South Korea. "I promised them long ago that after each game I would cook them wonderful zur soup as a reward. But the result against South Korea wasn't the best so they didn't get any," Sowa said of the special sour dish that is a huge favorite in Poland.
Korean fans
Before South Korea beat Portugal 1-0 in the first round, a 39-year-old man in Busan poured paint thinner over his body and set himself on fire, according to The Associated Press. Police said the man, who was in critical condition in hospital, had left a note saying, "The sweat and tears of coach Guus Hiddink and his players were the biggest birthday gift ever given to me. But we now have to overcome South American and European teams, and I am driven to take this road by impetuosity. I will become the 12th soccer player by becoming a spirit and will run for the victory of the Korean team."

Britney and Donovan: False8-month-old baby
refused entry: True
Landon Donovan
Hey, she's available and they both have exhibitionist tendencies. As far as we know, it's not true yet.
David Walling
Sapporo Stadium staff on June 1 reportedly turned away a couple because they didn't have a ticket for their 8-month-old baby. "My son was not yet born when we bought tickets to the game," the baby's mother said. An official of the Japanese organizing committee said: "It has been decided, as a rule, not to allow those without a ticket -- regardless of age -- to enter a stadium or ride the shuttle buses." We can't explain how the above U.S. fan got in, however. All we ask is please, sir, don't give us an "A."

Brazilian porn sent home: TrueSpanish team
saves puppy: True
Brazilian fans
These fans are pleased about Brazil's success, but coach Luiz Felipe Scolari reportedly went "ballistic" after his country's media said the team had been supplied with pornographic magazines after he banned sexual activity during the World Cup. Though Scolari called the reports "lies which morally denigrated the team," the president of the Brazilian football federation announced that the offending material was sent back home.
Spain's coach Jose Antonio Camacho holds the puppy named "Camachin," or little Camacho, by Spanish journalists on May 29. The journalists said they bought the dog for $25 at a South Korean market where it was being sold as meat. Responding to questions about foreign cuisine, Camacho said Koreans might think it's strange that the Spanish eat snails.


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