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You wouldn't believe us if we told you the Russian mafia might be trying to fix Olympic figure skating, or that Yankees owner George Steinbrenner believed there was a conspiracy by the rest of baseball to prevent his team from winning another World Series.

So instead of the above truths, we're making up some sports news in the latest instalment of Bizarre & Bogus to test your knowledge of recent events.

Below we've compiled five strange-but-true sports-related stories and one that we made up. Guess which one you believe is fake, then click here to see which item isn't true.

Ryan Dempster
Ryan Dempster

  • No. 1 With 15,000 Ryan Dempster bobblehead dolls gathering dust, the Florida Marlins will try selling them on eBay to raise money for the financially strapped club. (Dempster was traded to Cincinnati in July.)

  • No. 2 Emanuel Yarbrough, the former world amateur Sumo wrestler from the United States, lives in his parents' basement in New Jersey.

  • No. 3 A second division Romanian club claimed it was Romania's Olympic team and fooled Egypt's Olympic soccer squad into playing two exhibition matches.

    Emanuel Yarbrough
    Emanuel Yarbrough

  • No. 4 A Canadian swimmer at the Commonwealth Games was slowed in a heat for the 100-meter backstroke when he scraped his back on underwater camera equipment at Manchester, England.

  • No. 5 Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have vowed to crack down on the use of underage camel jockeys after the smuggling of children as young as 4 years old had become common.

  • No. 6 A rubber chicken featuring signatures of Green Bay Packers legends, such as Bart Starr and Jim Taylor, was reunited with its owner after being held in Wisconsin's unclaimed property division since 2000.


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