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If you guessed the Marlins auctioning Ryan Dempster bobblehead dolls, you're right. The team does have 15,000 of the dolls featuring the former Florida pitcher, who was traded to the Reds in July, but it hasn't decided what to do with them yet.

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Marlins' Dempster bobbleheads to go on eBay: FalseFormer amateur sumo champ living in parents' basement: True
Ryan Dempster
The Marlins have about 15,000 Ryan Dempster bobblehead dolls, but we made up the part about selling them on eBay to make money. "We'll find something creative to do with them," club spokesman P.J. Loyello said. "We're not going to burn them, though. That's for sure."
Emanuel Yarbrough
Former world amateur sumo wrestling champion Emanuel Yarbrough, 37, obviously isn't in his sport for the glamour. The 6-foot-7, 730-pound American, who lives in his parents' basement in New Jersey, was pictured in Toronto recently for the North American amateur sumo championships. Yarbrough got started in sumo 10 years -- and about 330 pounds -- ago when he heard Japan was trying to expand the sport. "I've just been running with it ever since," he said.

Romanian club poses as Olympic team: TrueCanadian swimmer cut by camera in pool: True
Dan Petrescu
Romanian second division club Tractorul Brasov posed as the Romanian Olympic team for two exhibition matches recently, sparking an investigation in Egypt. The teams split the two games in Romania, where Egyptian clubs often train because of the cooler summer weather. "The players were dressed in the Romanian national colors, the Romanian TV aired the match with captions saying it was the Romanian team ... why am I being questioned now?" Egyptian Olympic team manager Shawqi Ghareeb said. (Note: No photo of the imposters was available, so Dan Petrescu of the Romanian national team is pictured above.)
Riley Janes
Canadian officials filed a complaint with Commonwealth Games organizers about an underwater TV camera after Riley Janes cut his back on the equipment during a 100-meter backstroke heat. Janes managed to finish fourth and qualify for the semifinal despite the laceration that didn't require stitches. "He's a tall guy so when he turns he goes deep -- the camera was just way too big," a Canadian official said.

UAE to crack down on use of underage camel jockeys: TruePackers-autographed rubber chicken reunited with owner: True
Camel jockeys
The United Arab Emirates has banned boys from camel racing after the lucrative sport was tarnished by reports of children being kidnapped from abroad to work as jockeys. Head of the camel racing federation, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Sheikh Hamdan bin Zaid al-Nahayan, said it was decided to ban jockeys below 15 years of age and weighing less than 45 kg (99.21 lb) before the racing season in October. Children as young as 4 have reportedly been forced to race camels bareback or strapped to the animal. Some trainers say they attach Velcro to the saddles and the boys' pants to keep them in place.

A rubber chicken signed by Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr (above) and other Green Bay Packer greats from the first Super Bowl will be reunited with its owner last week after languishing in Wisconsin's unclaimed property division since 2000. The chicken is owned by Nancy Schmelzer of Sun Prairie, Wis., and her sister, Susan Eck of Michigan. Schmelzer apparently forgot it in a safe deposit box when she moved, and the chicken was turned over to the state treasurer's unclaimed property division. "My dad traveled to Green Bay a lot, and he was kind of a prankster, so we think someone had it done and then gave it to him," Schmelzer said.


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