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We apologize for the extended absence of Bizarre & Bogus, but they've been keeping busy attacking first base coaches, tackling CFL players and climbing over the glass to run on the ice during an NHL game while wearing only socks.

But Page 2's B&B boys, otherwise known as frick and frack or Jose and Ozzie, have served their time and recovered from the skull fractures they suffered after slipping on the ice. So, we're going to test your knowledge of recent events.

Below we've compiled five strange-but-true sports-related stories and one that we made up. Guess which one you believe is fake, then click here to see which item isn't true.

Tonya Harding
Tonya Harding

  • No. 1 A pro soccer team in the Czech Republic ordered its players to pay the admission costs for fans to one game because of the club's poor start to the season.

  • No. 2 Tonya Harding has threatened to sue the makers of Tonya Hot Sauce, which features a caricature of Harding smoking outside a trailer, for misappropriating the disgraced figure skater's image.

    Lawrence Phillips
    Lawrence Phillips

  • No. 3 Sticking with figure skating, a group of investors hopes to launch the Ice Channel, a network devoted to figure-skating 24 hours a day, by October 2003.

  • No. 4 Days before his Montreal Alouettes were to play Edmonton in the Grey Cup game, troubled running back Lawrence Phillips threatened to hold out of the CFL's championship game if he didn't receive double the bonus of other players.

    Calbert Cheaney
    Calbert Cheaney

  • No. 5 A new Triple-A team in Albuquerque will take its name from an episode of "The Simpsons."

  • No. 6 Utah Jazz swingman Calbert Cheaney missed a practice in the preseason because of a stray eyelash.


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