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If you guessed the Lawrence Phillips holdout story, you're right. He's pulled some outrageous stunts, but didn't threaten a holdout last week. He also played in the Alouettes' 25-16 victory over the Edmonton Eskimos.

Here's some more background on these stories:

Czech soccer team's players pay for fans' tickets: TrueHarding's hot over hot sauce: True
Radek Drulak
Sigma Olomouc officials were so embarrassed by its 2-5-5 record that it forced players to pay for all tickets to the Nov. 9 game against Sparta Prague. All spectators got in free to Adruv Stadium (capacity 12,119). A sellout would have cost the players, including the pictured Radek Drulak, about $20,000. The average annual salary in the Czech Republic is $5,900. Memphis Grizzlies and Cincinnati Bengals take note.
Tonya Hot Sauce
Tonya Harding's attorney, William Markham, said the hot sauce label's spoof defames Harding. "Tonya has been punished more than enough for what she did or didn't do," Markham said. John Farmer, whose PDX Hot Lix company makes the 5-ounce bottles of hot sauce, told The Associated Press on Oct. 31 that he'll continue to supply retailers willing to carry the product until Harding sues. "I've sold maybe 2,000-2,500 bottles," he said. "When she does something really stupid, I sell extra cases of it."

Figure skating channel in the works: TrueLawrence Phillips' untimely holdout: False
Evgeni Plushenko
For those of you who hate waiting every four years for good figure skating coverage, Michael Rosenberg is trying to create the Ice Channel. According to Daily Variety, Rosenberg is working with former CBS Sports VP/Programming Jay Rosenstein "to get the network launched by" October 2003.
Lawrence Phillips
Nope, Lawrence Phillips didn't threaten to walk out on the Montreal Alouettes days before the Grey Cup game, in which he rushed 11 times for 40 yards. But he did walk out on the team and miss a game under mysterious circumstances earlier this season. Andy Silverman, Phillips' former agent, said the former Nebraska star was unhappy with his CFL contract and the medical treatment he was receiving from Montreal.

Albuquerque Triple-A team borrows name from 'Simpsons' episode: TrueCheaney misses practice because of eyelash: True
The Simpsons
The Albuquerque Isotopes will begin play next season, when the Triple-A Pacific Coast League's Calgary Cannons relocate. In "The Simpsons," Homer staged a hunger strike that prevented the Springfield Isotopes from moving to Albuquerque. The owners picked Isotopes over Dukes because the new name "offers a better opportunity to cash in on the recent boom in minor league baseball merchandising," The Albuquerque Tribune reported. The Albuquerque Dukes played for 29 seasons before relocating to Portland, Ore., in 1999.
Calbert Cheaney
After Jazz swingman Calbert Cheaney missed a practice in the preseason, he managed to play the next night against the New York Knicks. His blurred vision was caused by what turned out to be a stray eyelash.


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