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If you guessed Mike Piazza's role in the Hulkster flick, you're right.

Here's some more background on these stories:

David Beckham statue made of chocolate: TrueRomanian gymnasts in trouble for naked routines: True
Beckham statue
Japan's craze over David Beckham continues long after the 2002 World Cup ended in the summer. A 10-foot-high chocolate statue of Beckham was made for an advertising campaign and stood on busy Tokyo intersection from Dec. 17-25. It will now be relocated to a safer environment, according to Meiji Seika, the chocolate manufacturer that commissioned the work.
Lavinia Milosovici
Three Romanian Olympic medalists bared all in a video screened on late-night television in Japan earlier in December. Lavinia Milosovici (pictured), who won double Olympic gold in 1992, Claudia Presecan, a gold medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and Corina Ungureanu appeared nude in a picture book published in Japan and performed naked gym routines in a movie now available in DVD.

Alice Cooper buys into racing team: TrueSikahema eats horse rectum: True
Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper is joining forces with Chase Montgomery to form a team for next season's ARCA racing series, The Tennessean reported on Dec. 19. Cooper is a golf nut, baseball fan and celebrity auto racing veteran. No surprise from the man who sang "Under My Wheels" in his 1970s glory days. "I've always loved heavy metal, and these boys take it seriously," Cooper said.
Vai Sikahema
While visiting the "Fear Factor" set in October in Los Angeles on a press junket, Sikahema bit into horse rectum that was brought out for Philadelphia's WCAU TV sports anchor-reporter and other reporters to sample.

Piazza gets part in Hulk Hogan biopic: FalseJerry Lawler admits Kauffman feud was a hoax: True
Hulk Hogan, Mike Piazza
Nope, Mike Piazza is not planning on portraying "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in film about the life of Hulk Hogan. We figure Piazza and the Hulkster are just holding out until producers find parts for Alf, Emmitt Smith and Terry Bradshaw.
Jerry Lawler
Yes, we were also dismayed when we found out that Andy Kauffman's famous feud with Jerry Lawler was as real as pro wrestling. Lawler details the many incidents between the two in his new book, "It's Good to Be the King ... Sometimes."


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