Sports Guy vs. Sports Dog
By Bill Simmons and Bailey
Page 2 staff

A perfect record in Week 11 has Bill Simmons putting the pressure on Bailey, who didn't do poorly at 3-1.

Will this be the week that The Sports Guy catches The Sports Dog?

Bill vs. Bailey
Seems like everybody thinks they can handicap NFL games, so Page 2 has decided to turn to its two experts in the field of prognostication. Each week we'll have Page 2 columnist Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, go head-to-head with Bailey the Sports Dog.

Simmons is a die-hard Boston sports nut who represents the common fan.

Bailey is a Samoyed husky-black Labrador cross with a nose for pigskin. He's lived in Colorado, Chicago and Seattle while loyally following college and pro football for the past 14 years.

Each week, Bill and Bailey will select their four best choices against the spread. We'll also keep a running score throughout the season.

Simmons will use his extensive football knowledge, the Internet and key newspapers to come up with his can't-miss picks. Bailey will choose between two dog treats representing teams in each matchup.

Of course, these are only predictions and not recommendations for wagering.
No. As you can see, they share similar views on three of their four picks each. They've never agreed on this much all season.

Here are their Week 12 picks:

Bill Simmons' Week 12 NFL predictions
Season record: 22-21-1; last week: 4-0
Denver at Miami
Maybe the strangest line of the year -- Miami at home, against a banged-up Broncos team, favored by only 3. How does this make sense? Wacky enough that I almost stayed away from this one. By the way, Roto alert! Roto alert! Chris Chambers is making The Leap!
-- The pick: Dolphins 20, Broncos 16

Tennessee at Cleveland
Vegas refuses to respect the Browns, only 1½-point favorites at home this week. They're 6-2-2 against the spread this season and 4-2 at home; Tennessee is 2-7-1 against the spread this year and 2-3 on the road. And yet Vegas keeps waiting for the Titans to come around. Once again, I don't get it. By the way, Chris Berman called the AFC Central the "Blackjack Division" last week -- you get to 17 and you stick. I liked that one.
-- The pick: Browns 17, Titans 13

San Diego at Seattle
The Chargers haven't covered in five straight weeks... now they're getting 3 in Seattle with their season on the line. Interesting "Boston College QB" matchup here -- Doug Flutie against Matt Hasselbeck -- which makes it tough for every BC grad with a gambling problem to choose sides (and that's a long list of BC grads). Let's go with Flutie here just out of principle.
-- The pick: Chargers 26, Seahawks 24

New England at New York Jets
Pats getting 3 in New York, where they never win because Curtis Martin owns them. And no, this isn't a reverse jinx or anything ... um ...
-- The pick: Jets 24, Patriots 14

Bailey's Week 12 NFL predictions
Season record: 26-17-1; last week: 3-1
(As told to Jim Wilkie, editor for Page 2.)

Tampa Bay at Cincinnati
Hate to take these slumping cats, but I'll take the Bengals plus 5½ points at home.
-- The pick: Buccaneers 23, Bengals 20 (Cincinnati covers)

Denver at Miami
My old Broncos are too beat up to compete with the fish, who are giving 3 points.
-- The pick: Dolphins 27, Broncos 17

New England at New York Jets
I'll take the Jets minus 3 points because they have nicer uniforms ... wait, I'm color blind ...
-- The pick: Jets 33, Patriots 18

San Diego at Seattle
Still remember Doug Flutie going nuts with the Bills at Husky Stadium last year, so the Chargers are a lock at plus 3 points. And, kids, don't do drugs.
-- The pick: Chargers 38, Seahawks 14


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