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DiMaggio: A desire for both attention and sex
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Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio is one of the most interesting personalities in sports history -- especially considering recent revelations in a new book about the Yankee Clipper.

So, what does DiMaggio's signature say about his complex personality? We asked handwriting expert Bart Baggett to analyze Joe D's autograph and tell us what it reveals about the Hall of Fame outfielder.

Here's what Baggett found:

General notes: DiMaggio's signature slants to the right, which indicates that he is implusive, passionate and tends to be subject to manic highs and lows. When he was "on," he was a huge asset. But when he wasn't, he was probably prone to depression.

  The high ending stroke on the "e" indicates a desire for attention.

  Similar to the signature of Michael Jordan, DiMaggio has a "worry loop" in his "M." This shows that he often worried about things that never happened.

  The convoluted "a" reveals a fear of telling the whole truth. It's a sign of a person who's exceedingly diplomatic and willing to save face.

  The long loops in the "g" show a strong and healthy sex drive. This is very common in the signature of athletes and politicians.

Bart Baggett is one of the leading experts on handwriting analysis in the nation. You can learn more about Baggett's analysis at The autographs in this package were provided to Page 2 by The Sports Collectors Digest Standard Catalog of Sports Autographs by Krause Publications, 2000.

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