Anna will be there for you
By Graham Hays
Page 2 staff

Anna joins the cast of NBC's "Friends"
Anna on Friends

CHANDLER: Could Phoebe's new roommate BE any hotter?

ROSS: Technically, I think that correct grammar is "more hot."

CHANDLER: Well, technically, I'm sleeping with your sister, so shove it. But Ross, should you be looking at her that way with Rachel around?

ROSS: It's OK. She's in love with Joey this week, although she's thinking of having a kid with Richard and giving Mark partial custody. And I'm not due to fall in love with Phoebe until sometime after Christmas, after she's done pining for you. Unless Reese Witherspoon agrees to come back, in which case all bets are off.

JOEY: Whoaa.

PHOEBE: What is Joey Lawrence doing here? Can someone go find Matt?

ANNA: And I thought my love life was unrealistic. You guys need some counseling. Hey, is that Gunther guy single?

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