Anna and the City
By Graham Hays
Page 2 staff

Anna joins cast of HBO's "Sex and the City"
Anna on Sex and the City

(CARRIE'S MONOLOGUE): Someone once told me Forrest Gump should have said that love -- not life -- is like a box of chocolates. I assume they meant it's not returnable and will inevitably end up going to your hips. Personally, I think love is like a credit card offer. It sounds great up front, but the interest will kill you in the end. But maybe I'm just bitter about the new woman in my life.

CHARLOTTE: Did you see those pictures in the paper? I can't believe Mr. Big would be so shallow as to get involved with Anna Kournikova. What could he possibly see in her?

MIRANDA: Oh, I think I know what he sees in her. But she's just using him to climb the ladder, and I say good for her. If a man is going to go through life thinking with something other than his brain, then he deserves everything he gets.

CARRIE: Miranda, that's a horrible thing to say. Nobody deserves to be left to twist in the wind while some imported hussy plays games with his heart. Unless I'm the hussy and I just can't make up my mind about a guy. Although there's no reason any of us should hope she gets hit by a crosstown bus, or run over by a taxi ... or both at the same time.

CHARLOTTE: Nobody said we were hoping for that.

CARRIE: Oh really? Sorry, that must have just been my inner monologue again.

MIRANDA: Still, I think she sounds like fun. Let's invite her out for breakfast next week.

SAMANTHA: Damn it, I thought I was supposed to be the manipulative blonde on this show. Is it time for me to take off my clothes yet?

Click here to see Anna on NBC's "West Wing"


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