What's hot, what's not for College Football
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Whether you're lounging at a tailgate party, standing in a rowdy bar, commiserating among co-workers or -- in "What's Hot, What's Not" tradition -- on a date, you don't want to get caught spouting last season's conventional wisdom about this season's biggest college football issues. While you scour ESPN.com's complete college football preview, be sure to file away the talking points below:

Category Hot Not Hot
Heisman promotional campaign
Jared Lorenzen's "J-Lo and J-Lo" poster idea

Eli Manning's "I'm not campaigning" campaign
Hot QB in Texas Reggie McNeal (Texas A&M) Chance Mock (Texas)
Blood-boiling rivalry Miami vs. Big East Miami vs. Virginia Tech
Road-trip mecca The Swamp (Florida) Reser Stadium (Oregon State)
Coaching search More due diligence SEC hiring practices
Uniforms Oregon's "lightning yellow" However Nebraska is tweaking 'em this year
Player violation Academic fraud Missing curfew
Underground Heisman candidate
Anthony Davis (Wisconsin)

Kellen Winslow (Miami)
Ohio State's biggest problem Target on chest Expectations
Please give him more pub Brad Smith (Missouri) Maurice Clarett (Ohio State)
Poll to respect Online by fans Computers
Coaching style to emulate Tressel's all-business Neuheisel's buddy-buddy
Cripes, he's still in college? John Navarre (Michigan) Chris Rix (Florida State)
Bandwagon team to root for Arizona State Iowa
Sideline fashion statement Wear a tie Wraparound sunglasses
Player hairstyle Cut short Cornrows
Auburn's Tiger

Maryland's Turtle
Mr. Excitement Larry Fitzgerald (Pitt) Reggie Williams (Washington)
Retro jersey to be seen in Kirk Herbstreit Charlie Ward
Biggest shoes to fill Carson Palmer (Matt Leinhart) Willis McGahee (Frank Gore)
Two-way Chris Gamble (Ohio State) Pagers
Special teams gimmick Onside kicks Fake field goals
"He's Due" coach
Chuck Amato, NC State

Mike Price
Conference to watch ACC Big East
BCS hot-button Coaches' poll Media poll
Prototype QB Doesn't make mistakes Calls his own plays
Game-day eye candy Women's soccer car-wash fundraiser Sorority pledge class
Tailgate mixer Hot chocolate Sports drink
Sleeper Virginia Minnesota
Colorado BMOC Running back stable Jeremy Bloom
"Smart mob" gathering Post-game field rushing Pre-game pep rally
Champion Wisconsin Oklahoma

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.



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