What's hot for College Hoops 2003-04
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

As the new college hoops season tips off, it becomes increasingly important to be able to add more value to your at-work lunchtime debates than "Emeka Okefor rules." Your preparation must include the scoop on the hottest storylines, names and trends. Heaven forbid you mistakenly reference "Carmelo Anthony" and risk social ostracism.

Study the 2003-2004 college hoops "What's Hot, What's Not" List below, then settle back for a season of Big Mondays, climb aboard your favorite barstool, dive into a debate among co-workers, or -- as always -- impress your significant other during a romantic dinner date:

Category Hot Not Hot
Ashley Judd (as always)

Ben Affleck
Hairstyle Tight Braids
Dukie who needs more pub Daniel Ewing JJ Redick
Retro jersey Wyoming #34 (Fennis Dembo) UNLV #23 (Reggie Theus)
Top NBA prospect
Emeka Okafor (UConn)

Christian Drejer (Florida)
Most talent in Milwaukee Travis Diener (Marquette) Tim Thomas (Bucks)
Cinderella Dayton Butler
Bandwagon Gonzaga a national power Syracuse to repeat
Player of the Year candidate Missouri studs LSU defectors
Mighty mite Jameer Nelson (St. Joe's) Todd Billet (Virginia)
Matt Brust Hasn't-He-Been-In-College-Forever? Award
Chris Duhon (Duke)

Jason Gardner (Finally!)
Freshmen Luol Deng (Duke) LeBron (Cleveland)
On-court style statement Bicep sweatbands Headbands
Skill to show NBA scouts Shooting Defense
Conference Big East C-USA
Sleeper State Utah State Ball State
Venue The Kennel (Spokane) The Pyramid (Memphis)
Big 12 Scandal Watch
Quin Snyder

Larry Eustachy
RPI factor Who'd you beat? Conference strength
Telegenic coach Dick Bennett (Wash. St.) Jim Calhoun (UConn)
Underclassmen NBA-readiness Ike Diogu (Ariz. St) James White (Cincinnati)
Bobby Knight's rep Ethics snob Can't win in Tourney
Key to deep Tourney run Gimmick D Go-to scorer
In the paint Offensive rebounders (like ASU's Ike Diogu) Plodding space-eaters (like Syracuse's Craig Forth)
Final Four UConn, Duke, Arizona, Florida Syracuse, Kansas, Marquette, Texas

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.



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