The List: Most disruptive players
Page 2 staff

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman redefined "distraction."
You love them or hate them, but mostly you hate them. Those petulant, pouty, selfish boors and underachievers who mix up team chemistry.

Page 2's offers its list of the "most disruptive" professional team players of the past 10 years. After reading our list, check out our readers' choices. And be sure to vote in the poll to crown the most disruptive athlete of them all.

Here's Page 2's list:

1. Dennis Rodman
Kicking the photographer, head-butting the ref, taking off his sneakers before the game was over, fighting with coaches, Mormons and Madonna, the wedding dress ... need we go on?

2. John Rocker
Winner of baseball's prestigious Jerk of the Millennium award. A cancer in locker rooms in both leagues -- the Braves in the NL, the Indians in the AL.

Randy Moss
Randy Moss still has time to dance up this list.
3. Randy Moss
Only No. 3. But he's young, so he's got time to move up. That is, if he really feels like trying.

4. Rasheed Wallace
The T does not stand for T-riffic.

5. Albert Belle
Everybody -- the press, the fans, managers and coaches, opposing players, his own teammates, Hannah Storm -- hated him. Now, that's a perfect record.

6. Carl Everett
Doesn't believe in dinosaurs ... or authority figures, like a manager.

7. Roy Tarpley
Talent is a terrible thing to waste, not to mention the trust of your teammates.

Carl Everett
Carl Everett has become a manager's nightmare.
8. Terrell Owens
Charter member of the "All About Me" Club.

9. Bob Probert
Thankfully, he's gotten control of his life. But he could have been so much greater when he was screwing up with the Red Wings.

10. Bobby Bonilla
The card-playing incident during the 1999 playoffs with the Mets was only the cherry on top of a very annoying sundae.

Dishonorable mention:
Isaiah Rider and Derrick Coleman (would be higher, but hurt themselves more than their teams), Jason Williams, Stephon Marbury, Toni Braxton (for breaking up the Jason Kidd-Jim Jackson Mavs), Terry Glenn, Bill Romanowski, Lawrence Phillips, David Wells, Rickey Henderson, Jaromir Jagr, Tie Domi, Bryan Marchment


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