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The List: Least likable football players
Page 2 staff

Last week, Page 2 readers picked Walter Payton as the most beloved player in football history, so now we're out to crown the least likable player.

Bill Romanowski
Bill Romanowski won't win any sportsmanship awards.
Check out Page 2's choices below for the 10 least likable players in football history, then examine the readers' list. Finally, make sure you vote in the poll to crown the least likable football player of all-time.

Here are Page 2's choices:

1. Jack Tatum
Called himself "The Assassin." Himself!

2. Conrad Dobler
Considered by many -- including himself -- to be the dirtiest player who ever lived.

3. Bill Romanowski
How to win friends and influence people: racist remarks, spitting in opponent's face on national television.

4. Ray Lewis
The NFL's worst nightmare.

5. Christian Peter
The poster boy for huge jerks who physically abuse women.

Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis is at once the best and worst embodiment of an NFL player.
6. Ben Davidson
Became Public Enemy No. 1 in New York after he broke Joe Namath's face.

7. Deion Sanders
Took Daniel Snyder's money and ran -- all the way to the bank. Also allergic to tackling. Oh, and did we mention that self-promoting thing?

8. Michael Irvin
A nose for trouble.

9. Ryan Leaf
What a waste -- of talent and a draft pick.

10. Shannon Sharpe
Great talent, but what a motor mouth!

Dishonorable mentions
Jeff George, Jim Brown, Hardy Nickerson, Jason Sehorn, Joe Don Looney, Andre Rison, Randy Moss, Lawrence Phillips

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