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The List: Best nicknames
in hoop history

Page 2 staff

June is Nickname Month on Page 2 as we continue our search for the best monikers in all of sports.

Magic Johnson
One word says it all: "Magic."
Today, we're out to find the best nickname in the history of men's basketball. Check out the top 10 as voted by Page 2's editorial staff, and then click here to submit your choice for the best nickname in hoops.

We'll run our readers' list Wednesday, along with a poll to pick the best basketball nickname of all-time.

1. "Magic" (Earvin Johnson)
Clever, elegant, descriptive, respectful.

2. "The Human Eraser" (Marvin Webster)
Don't ever come in here with that weak stuff again!

3. "The Iceman" (George Gervin)
Cool as the other side of the pillow.

4. "Pistol Pete" (Pete Maravich)
The ultimate gunner.

5. "Chocolate Thunder" (Darryl Dawkins)
Funny guy gave himself a funny nickname.

6. "The Wizard of Westwood" (John Wooden)
Only appropriate that the best coach should have the best coach's nickname

Pete Maravich
Pistol Pete was usually on target.
7. "Air Jordan" (Michael Jordan)
One of the few who outplayed his own great nickname.

8. "Dr. Dunkenstein" (Darrell Griffith)
No explanation necessary.

9. "The Doctor" (Julius Erving)
The first great "ultimate respect" nickname.

10. "The Mailman" (Karl Malone)
'Cause he always delivers.

Also receiving votes: John "Hot Plate" Williams, "The General" (Bob Knight), "The Big Dipper" (Wilt Chamberlain), David "Skywalker" Thompson, "The Glove" (Gary Payton), Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, Herman "The Helicoptor" Knowings, "The Owl Without a Vowel" (Bill Mlkvy), "The Dunkin' Dutchman" (Rik Smits), "The Answer" (Allen Iverson), "Dollar" Bill Bradley, "The Big O" (Oscar Robertson).

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