Irritating things that must stop ... now
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Last week we offered our list of sports personalities who should hang it up, so this week we bring you the top 10 irritating things at sporting events we'd like to have stopped immediately.

Atlanta Braves fans
Ahhh, ahhhhh ..... Stop it! Stop it now!
You know when you go out to an arena or stadium and some things drive you up the wall when you're trying to enjoy a game.

After checking out our list, see how readers ranked their top 10 most irritating things that must stop right now. And be sure to vote in the poll to choose the No. 1 most annoying thing you'd like to have stopped.

Here's our list:

1. The Tomahawk Chop
We don't care who started it, Braves and Seminoles fans. Admit it's demeaning to American Indians, come up with something new and move on.

2. Electronic admonitions to fans about when they should cheer
If you don't know when to cheer you shouldn't be there.

Dick Jauron
At least wait until it's a championship game.
3. Football coaches getting doused with Gatorade
Especially annoying when the coach is a senior citizen in subzero temperatures.

4. Fans who hold up signs that suck up to the network televising the game
Poor consideration for your

5. Dot races or any other scoreboard contests
If these get louder cheers than your team, then it should be contracted.

6. Playing "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
Hard to believe, but something finally knocked Starship's "We Built This City" off the top of the most annoying song ever recorded list.

7. NBA mascots who need springboards to dunk
Come back when you can do that somersault without the extra help.

Washington Huskies fans
Washington Huskies fans try to suck up for the cameras during a game against Michigan.
8. People talking on their cell phone behind home plate and then waving to the camera
As Vince Lombardi said about the end zone, "Act like you've been there before."

9. People who scramble over one another to get a $3 T-shirt thrown into the stands
Just let the kids have it.

10. Singers who lip-synch "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Why bother?

Also receiving votes

  • The wave
  • Hockey intermission entertainment on the ice
  • Halftime interviews of coaches as they are rushing to the locker room
  • Indoor fireworks
  • Baseball players scratching their crotches
  • Baseball players adjusting and readjusting their wristbands after every pitch
  • Baseball fans encroaching on the field to get a baseball (even you, Jeffrey Maier)
  • Football fans who take their shirts off in cold weather
  • The playing of Sinatra's "New York, New York" anywhere but at Yankee Stadium
  • Revolving advertising signs


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